Weird Medicine

“Weird Medicine” is a medical show for people who wouldn’t normally listen to a medical show.  Owing its very existence to Opie and Anthony and The Ron and Fez Show, “Weird Medicine” strives to talk about medical matters in a clear, open and honest way.  Unlike a lot of question and answer shows out there, we don’t pre-screen callers (getting their questions, researching them, and then calling them back to bring them on the air, pretending that it’s all so spontaneous).  We have fun with our callers, but answer their questions seriously.   Much of what you will hear are questions that people won’t ask their own medical professional(s) for a number of reasons.  It’s fascinating to hear a caller ask something he wouldn’t ask his doctor in a million years because of embarassment, but has no problem asking it live to a national audience on the radio.  Anonymity is a powerful tool. All of this creates a show that is funny, informative, raunchy, and…well…at times “weird”.   XM 202 is an extreme language channel; there are no restrictions on content.  There is no other radio show like this on the air today.

[It’s important to remember that medical shows, though informative, are essentially entertainment products.  Dr Steve and PA John are not your health care providers, and you should verify any information and advice before acting on it with your own health care professional]

Weird Medicine Addendum with Doctor Steve

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