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Announcing: The 3 Hour Stool-fest on the SNV!

Next week?  The week after?  Not sure when it will run, but we recorded a 3 hour “Fecalicious Extravaganza” for the Saturday Night Virus that’ll run 9-12 EDST.  Holy crap, how many turd questions are there out there?   What are you people eating?  Really, it’s not all questions about fecal matter, but poop-related questions seemed really common this time.   It was fun to do, and I hope you enjoy it.  It’ll be nice to be on primetime again.

Just as a preview:…

New Weird Medicine Shows on XM202 Sirius 197!

We got the call from Erock: “When the boys are out of town, we want you to do two new shows for the Midnight Saturday and Sunday night slots.”   We need practice for the upcoming October LIVE show, too, so we did a two hour “voicemail only” extravaganza.   I put out a call for voicemail questions a couple of weeks ago, and we got enough for 4 shows at least.   We answered them in pretty random order, simulating a live show and I think it really worked, especially the second one (on the 22nd, 23rd). 

So give us a listen at …

Weird Medicine Merchandise!

Look, don’t worry about it, really, don’t.   If you don’t want any of this crap, don’t feel obligated or that our feelings will be hurt.   We got a really cool logo from Matt Hoffman (Fluffernutter, from RonFez.Net fame) and wanted to splash it everywhere.   It’s on my twitter, will be on here soon, and is now featured on Tee Shirts, Mugs, and all kinds of other cruddy merch at CafePress.

You can also visit the Weird Medicine Store, where we’re compiling an e-store of the stuff we …

June 20, 2009 Weird Medicine

Ok, so we got shuffled again, this time to the 12MN EDST slot, whenever SPECIAL DELIVERY isn’t on (take a break once a month willya guys?)

This show discusses the “Private Parts Reclamation Project” by Double Vasectomy Todd, who is training under MJ Kovaleski from MuscleSorority.com.  After barely 3 weeks, he’s lost 18 lbs, 4 inches around his waist, and more importantly, 3/4 of an inch of reclaimed male membership (if you catch my drift).

You can follow Todd’s progress on his twitter feed: DBLVASTODD

You can follow our show twitter feed at …

Weird Medicine Returns June 20th at 6pm

I am happy to announce that Weird Medicine will return to Sirius 197-XM 202 on June 20th at 6pm. We have a LOT to talk about, not the least being our struggle to find a permanent slot in the 202 schedule (if only to help our audience to find us!)

If Sam and Dave can work it out to do a SNV show each month, we may be able to simply take the empty slot at 6pm on those weeks.

We are working very hard to get some live shows going from the Nashville studios as well. …

Weird Medicine Star Trek Promos

Double Vasectomy Todd started this idocy by going to the Trek Yourself website and doing a Romulan “Weird Medicine” promo.   The result can be seen here.  We’ll explain the whole “Fecalicious the helmet polisher” injoke on the air May 2 at 5pm EDST.

This is Big A’s version.  Andrew makes one creepy-ass serial killer looking Vulcan.

Here’s mine. I’m a dope.  There is an in-joke at the end for all those who have really been paying attention to the Liam vs Dave thing.  For everyone else, I just sound like a goof.

Send in your StarTrek Weird Medicine promos …

Gargantua and Pantagruel

We’ll be serializing this on “Weird Medicine”, but for those who visit this website, here’s the whole thing in one glob.

Our first “production piece” (other than the Liam vs East Side Dave stuff), we were turned on to the twisted genius that is Francois Rabelais by our pal Recyclerz on ronfez.net.   Rabelais was a 16th century writer of philosophy and insanity, and took a whole chapter to discourse on the best method for wiping one’s horrid patoot after defecation (or bemerde-ing oneself, as Rabelais would put it).   Anyway, you can read more about Rabelais here.

The reader is Bobby Funk …

March 21 2009 Weird Medicine

The genesis of the war between East Side Dave and my 5 year old;

Introducing the fund for Pat From Moonachie and Big A. (So far we’ve raised almost $2500! Thanks to all who have donated!)

Check out Jon Gray at Case of the Mondays (Jon was instrumental in getting a sleep apnea test done on Big A).

The first appearance of Shannon from South Florida; she is tamponly challenged and we can’t wait for her to call in again.

If you’d like to donate to Pat and Big A, check the post below this one.

We’re on every other week at …

Help Big A and Pat from Moonachie

We mentioned on the show that we’d be creating a paypal account to help Big A and Pat from Moonachie with their medical bills.   Big A has bad sleep apnea and needs routine medical care as well.   Pat hasn’t had his diabetes medications in over a year.

The more I hear stories like this, the more I’m inclined to push for Universal Health Care in this country.   But we can argue that later…for now, let’s just help the boys get healthy!

If you’d like to donate, click the button below.   No donation is too meager, or too lofty.  100% of the funds …

March 09, 2009 Weird Medicine

Well, the audio was bad (I found out later, thanks to a five year old messing with the mixing board before the show!), but I really liked the content in this show. This one also ushers in the “East Side Dave vs a 5 year old kid” feud. Not sure where this will take us, but listening to “Sam and Dave’s Special Delivery” makes me wonder if a trip to the Friday night of fights is in order.

Don’t forget to help out our pals Big A and Pat from Moonachie…until we have universal health care these guys …

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