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Check out these Doctor Steve Favorites:


Get Alexa through the Echo or Amazon Dot (just hook up your own powered or BlueTooth speaker) and say “Alexa, ask Dr Steve for a Fun Fact!”



This switch works PERFECTLY with Alexa, and lets you time your lamps, Christmas trees, basically anything that will work with a timer!


Here are the Melatonin Gummies we discussed on the show. Adult Gummies are idiotic (we’re adults, after all) BUT these actually seem to work better than most of the “pills” on the market. Our hypothesis is that they are more readily released to the system in gel form.


Here’s Doctor Steve’s favorite probiotic:


Want to sound like Dr Steve?  Start with this Moog 3 Tier Eurorack kit and add 3 modules to it!


We’ve discussed iontophoresis for hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) in the past.  Here’s the machine we’re talking about:


Here’s the Liquid Stevia Tacie was talking about on the podcast recently:


This is the Gamma E Supplement that we discussed on the show:


Hair loss? This OTC generic “Rogaine” is a great deal for 6 months of treatments!

These are the supplements that Dr Steve used (through science!) to treat his neuropathy (email us if you want the research):


We discussed IBGARD on our show multiple times; it’s good for short-term relief of IBS symptoms. Don’t forget, if you have undiagnosed IBS, see your health care provider and don’t treat it on your own!


If you’re B12 deficient, most providers don’t recommend shots any more, just 1000mcg daily will often do the trick (do this under your provider’s supervision only!) Turns out the idea that B12 isn’t absorbed well in pernicious anemia is true, but it’s not absolute. The absorption is about 1/30th of that of an intramuscular injection. Therefore taking 1000mcg/day turns out to be roughly the same as 1000mcg a month via injection. As a sage once said, “Good luck bro!”


This is the music service we use on the show:

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