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Weird Medicine with Doctor Steve » Blog Archive » Trevor W from Canada: “The Dr Steve AHHHHHH Song”

Trevor W from Canada: “The Dr Steve AHHHHHH Song”

It is well known that I am hobbled by horrid vocal crutches. These came on late in life when I decided that I couldn’t utter something unless I “knew” it was “correct” (it’s a form of OCD) and my dumb brain is constantly searching for words that ensure that I’m not making statements beyond my knowledge. While my brain is frantically searching for the “right” words, my stupid mouth just opens up and “ahhhhhh” comes out along with “so anyway” and a few other annoying nuggets.

I’m pretty sure Trevor W got this from ONE show, and probably ONE answer to ONE question. It’s really quite embarrassing, but the boyz in studio got a kick out of making fun of me for a change. Now you can, too, thanks to the magic of feedburner and iTunes!


your pal,


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