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New Shows, New Addendum, Medical Mythbusters, other crap

It’s been a long time since I posted a Weird Medicine Addendum. For awhile, we were recording them before the XM/Sirius shows and we were finding that a lot of energy that went into the addendum took away from the “official” show. So we just quit doing them for awhile. We had so much fun recording the last two Weird Medicine shows that we had a lot of energy left to do more so we sat back down and did this addendum. There is all-new material here…none of it (that I recall) was done on the shows that aired.

Please welcome our new friend, Liquorstore Chad, who discussed Adult Nursing Relationships and Adult Breast Feeding on the XM show that will air June 12, 2010. He used to have a music business, where he went by the name “DJ ChadCo” so you know he has to be good.

Very exciting news is coming regarding the Midnight weekend slot…all I can tell you is there will be no more replays at Midnight unless it’s a holiday, and maybe not even then. Stay tuned.

your pal,

Dr Steve

Weird Medicine Addendum with Doctor Steve

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