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Oct 24, 25 Weird Medicine; contract issues, Nov 7th Live Show Update


Well, we now are under contract with Sirius/XM (yep, we’re working on our third year doing shows for them without a contract, but that’s another story). One of the “benefits” of being under contract is that we no longer “own” the audio we produce for their platform. And since we don’t “own” it, we can’t post it here. Or anywhere. How do you get to listen to a show that airs at MIDNIGHT on weekends if you actually have a life? Well, there’s been a bit of a torrent of controversy over this (wink, wink) and it’s going to force me to actually post interesting content on this website to get people to even come here to visit.

One thing you can still get is Weird Medicine Merchandise. Which has now been cleaned of any mention of SiriusXM on it. Now that we’re on contract with Sirius XM, we can no longer actually put the words “Sirius XM” on any of our merchandise. When we were just rogue radio idiots, no one said a word about it. Weird, no? Yes.

Anyway, check out this lovely beer stein:

You can buy it here along with a ton of other crap including my new favorite button:


Next stop, NYC. See you LIVE Nov 7th 9-MN on the SNV on XM202/Sirius197

your pal,


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