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116 – Big Jo Hurricane

Dr Steve and friends answer uncensored medical questions.  Also what was supposed to be a funny story about Dr Steve’s dysfunctional family history turns out to be more disturbing than humorous.  Also Gvac’s gas. Brian swallows a needle.


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115 – Orange is the New OCD

Sometimes you just have technical issues.  We lose 2 great calls mid-show, only to reclaim them thanks to Ustream (listen after the end of the show).  Topics: Anthony Cumia, Traumatic Brain Injury, masturbation, OCD, sex allergy, and cow urine.



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TomPapa: The Movie


“The more biting the satire, the narrower the audience…”, a friend of mine taught me that years ago.  I’m thinking 3 people will get the joke, then I realize, there’s really not a JOKE here, it’s just a movie called “Tampopo” and I got a friend on twitter to turn it into “Tompapa”.  It even has his face.   But now it’s just Juzo Itami’s “Tompapa” but without a joke to make it pop.


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114 – Check Your Stupid Toofs for Heart Disease

Dr Steve does a post-vacation solo show with Dr Nicholas Tuscano, the “Periodontist to the Stars”.  Topics include:  dental inflammation and heart disease, Bill Clinton’s teeth, transmission of HIV, foamy urine, and salivary duct stones.



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113 – What You Talkin’ ‘Bout, Circle of Willis?

Dr Steve, Dr Scott, and Dr Kay answer uncensored medical questions.  Topics include: traumatic brain injury and behavior, gastric bypass, carbohydrate craving, Brian From RadioFreaks.tv’s awful abscess, and clomiphene in the UFC.



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112 – Puffy Nipples

Dr Steve, Dr Kay, and Dr Scott answer uncensored medical questions.  Topics include HPV Cervical Cancer Cure, Arizona Medical Marijuana, Type II Diabetes, Dr Steve’s Rule of Blood in the Stool, and puffy nipple surgery.



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111 – It’s Alkaline, Blood!

Dr Steve, Dr Scott, and Dr Kay answer uncensored medical questions.  Topics include: Dr Scott’s Transgender-friendly website, Casey Kasem ethics questions, sciatica, piriformis syndrome, retired pharmacists, and the truth about blood pH.


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110 – Circumcision Among Friends

Dr Steve and PA John answer uncensored medical questions.  Topics include: Jefferson’s surprize surgery, urachal pain, chiropractic manipulations, retrograde ejaculation and sciatica.

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The Worst Circumcision Story Ever

I got this on my reddit page today and had to share it with you.   Half-way through I was saying to myself, “this is going to end with his penis sloughing off” but thankfully it has a happy ending with horrific scars instead of a stump.

When I was 19, mid last year I was in a relationship with a girl in North Sumatra, Indonesia and we decided we wanted to get engaged, but her parents told me I need to be circumcised.

In her sect, circumcision is a must and it’s unacceptable to not be …

109 – Live Girls, Live Surgery, Itchy Sack

Dr Steve, PA John, and Dr Z answer uncensored medical questions with Gvac and Jefferson the Shyster.  Dr Steve attempts live surgery on a radio show (it doesn’t last long), Jefferson’s vasectomy, sulphur eructations, “indergestion” and more!


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