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134 – “If That is the Host, then The Host is an Ass”

Dr Steve, PA John, Dr Scott and Gvac discuss uncensored medical topics.  Dr Steve has a really, really bad show.  A guy calls in claiming Vitamin E increases his seminal volume.  Brooklyn Blowhard makes things even worse.  We diagnosie diabetes on a guy.



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133 – Mando Byrche and Stanky Fish

Dr Steve and crew discuss Brian Ferry, colostomy bags, massaging the right part to stop post micturition dribbling, a rectal anomaly, vasectomy reversal, male yeast infections, and a “fishy” odor.



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132 – Viagra, Orbital Mechanics, Genital Warts, and Flu Vaccine

Dr Steve and crew (feat. DJ C-Money) get stumped by a science question by Lady Trucker, and discuss chronic narcotics, women and viagra and cancer, HPV (again), skydog.com, and influenza vaccine.



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131 – Male Pelvic Pain Robot

Dr Jamin Brahmbhatt from the PUR Clinic explains how robots will rule the world, at least in urology.  Also Ritalin withdrawal, an Ebola update, and RexDart finally calls in (help him out at doctorsteve.com)

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130 – The Death of Empiricism: Vitamins and Data

Dr Steve examines the medical literature with regard to vitamin supplementation.   In the process, he ALMOST gets laid (some other day, surely).  Then the boys discuss fecal-smelling sulphur burps and their origins; also adult circumcision.  Loads of fun.


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Commentary: First US-Contracted Ebola Patient Declared Disease-Free

To the panicky-Petes out there…Mr Thomas Eric Duncan was SYMPTOMATIC and in the community for approximately 4 days after he was sent home from the Emergency Room the first time with fever and gastroenteritis (and given antibiotics, which is another subject altogether).   Despite this, only Nurses Nina Pham and Amber Vinson are known to have contracted the illness from him.   The 3 week deadline from his ultimate isolation on Sept 28 is over.  There has been no great outbreak of Ebola in Dallas, and one is not expected in NYC from Dr Craig Allen …

129 – Not Your Father’s Penile Implant

Dr Edward Karpman, urologist to the stars, joins Dr Steve for a one-on-one interview about penile implants and other men’s health issues.



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Why We Know Ebola Still Isn’t Easy to Contract (Commentary)

Just some quick math to set your mind at ease:

If Ebola were EASY to transmit, there would be a MUCH larger burden of cases in the world right now. Let me show you with math.

Let’s be conservative and say this outbreak started January 1st with one patient. Let’s say this person infected 10 other people, who then infected 10 other people, and so on. With an incubation period of 21 days, and assuming that people can’t transmit the disease until they are symptomatic, it’s pretty easy to calculate where we would be if the above were anywhere close to reality.  (Remember, I’m …

128 – Vinnie Tortorich Redux

Vinnie Tortorich, America’s Angriest Trainer, visits again to discuss No Sugar No Grains and vitamin supplementation.  Also Dr Steve is a douchebag who doesn’t remember a major plot-point in Vinnie’s book, yet claims to have read it.  Doh!



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RexDart Needs Our Help Again

We have a listener who has been battling terminal bladder cancer since 2011. He’s had to try to continue to work just to keep the lights on despite horrific intractable pain, but hasn’t had a full time job since being laid off in 2012. A few months ago he told me “i’m already $100 away from being homeless. At this point I long for the relief that death will bring.”

He has no family who can help him, and he’s alone, suffering in a cold house trying to live on $700 a month. He finally has an oncologist who …

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