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120 – Alexa Aimes is a Goddess

Dr Steve, Dr Scott, PA John and Gvac learn about the female body from biologist, physiologist, and adult film star Alexa Aimes (from Radiofreaks.tv).  Topics include female ejaculation, the “new” GSpot, and more! 


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119 – Beer Nerds Ruin Everything

Priapus was a minor rustic fertility god.  The medical condition named after him, “priapism” hurts like hell.  Dr Steve and crew discuss how to diagnose and treat this malady that sounds like fun on the surface.  Also genital piercing and beer nerds.



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What’s Scary About Ebola, Reasons Not to Fear It

from abc.com

What’s Scary About Ebola, Reasons Not to Fear It

WASHINGTON — Aug 9, 2014, 9:48 AM ET
By CONNIE CASS Associated Press


The United States’ top disease detective calls Ebola a “painful, dreadful, merciless virus.”

The World Health Organization has declared the outbreak in West Africa an international emergency, killing more than 900 people and spreading.

That’s scary and serious. But it also cries out for context.

AIDS alone takes more than a million lives per year in Africa — a thousand times the …

118 – Sex Toy Sepsis

Dr Steve, PA John, and Gvac answer uncensored medical questions.  Topics include: awful parenting, lost sex toys, polycystic ovary syndrome, HPV and cancer, sex headaches, and organ donation discrimination.



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Ebola News 08-05-14: Isolating Possible US Cases

From ABC News


Hospitals across the country are isolating and testing potential Ebola patients, erring on the side of caution as the largest Ebola outbreak to date rages in West Africa.

A 46-year-old Columbus, Ohio, woman who recently traveled to one of the three countries affected by the outbreak is being held in isolation at a local hospital, the Columbus health department said today. She was hospitalized several days ago but is “doing well” as she awaits Ebola test results from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which are expected today or Wednesday, the health department said.

Doctor Scott’s IndieGoGo Launch

If you’re interested in Dr Scott’s Traditional Chinese Medicine approach, check out his IndieGogo launch for his “Simply Herbals” products.   We give him a hard time on the show but he’s a good feller.  So give it a look;   this is not a claim for any medical benefit or anything, he’s just our bestest pal and we wish him all success.

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Dr Steve

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117 – Antidepressant Sexual Dysfunction

Dr Steve and PA John answer uncensored medical questions.  Topics include: Vos and Bonnie’s “Women Aren’t Funny”, Mama Sun Ra’s explosive chest, delayed orgasm on antidepressants, and Lady Trucker is finally back on the market (yecch).


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116 – Big Jo Hurricane

Dr Steve and friends answer uncensored medical questions.  Also what was supposed to be a funny story about Dr Steve’s dysfunctional family history turns out to be more disturbing than humorous.  Also Gvac’s gas. Brian swallows a needle.


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115 – Orange is the New OCD

Sometimes you just have technical issues.  We lose 2 great calls mid-show, only to reclaim them thanks to Ustream (listen after the end of the show).  Topics: Anthony Cumia, Traumatic Brain Injury, masturbation, OCD, sex allergy, and cow urine.



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TomPapa: The Movie


“The more biting the satire, the narrower the audience…”, a friend of mine taught me that years ago.  I’m thinking 3 people will get the joke, then I realize, there’s really not a JOKE here, it’s just a movie called “Tampopo” and I got a friend on twitter to turn it into “Tompapa”.  It even has his face.   But now it’s just Juzo Itami’s “Tompapa” but without a joke to make it pop.


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