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Nov 7 2009 Debriefing Part II

We did a lot of touristy NewYork-y stuff over the next 24 hours;  took the Staten Island Ferry with Big A, did the Empire State Building, ate at the Carnegie Deli, and hit the Comedy Cellar for the early show.

Weirdly, two most attractive women who we met at the Ron and Fez show also “coincidentally” showed up at the Cellar while we were eating.  In a city of millions of people, it was either the most amazing synchronicity, or it was fate (or they were stalking Double Vasectomy Todd, …

Part 2 of Nov 7th Debriefing Delayed

I’ve been slammed at work, but I’m trying to get the Nov 7th part two debriefing online asap.   I’ve written about half of it and I need to marry the photos with the text.  Lots of stuff I wish we’d taken pictures of never got shot, but thats how it goes.

Until then, don’t forget about your Weird Medicine merchandise.  It’d make an oddly strange gift for someone, especially if they’re not a listener.   I can imagine hearing “Weird Medicine dog sweater, wtf?” at your favorite gift exchange or “White Elephant” party.  How much fun would that be?

Here are just a couple …

Debriefing: Weird Medicine NYC Trip Nov 2009 Part 1

It’s important to remember that three of our guys were new to the whole “Weird Medicine” thing;  Double Vasectomy Todd, Jefferson the Shyster, and Rob from Elizabethton had started with us since the last time we made the journey.

Although I think we’ve had great chemistry in the little studio in my house, none of them had ever done radio live or visited a “real” studio, or even been to NYC before.  Todd represents the audience on the prerecorded shows;  he asks questions that listeners would normally ask.  Jefferson is the smartass humorist (his suggestion that I spread shoe …

November 7th 2009 LIVE Weird Medicine

I’ll post a blog of the whole weekend in the next few days.  For right now, here’s the link to the Carl Sagan mashup I mentioned on the air (thanks to Chris Stanley from Ron and Fez for this link):

Trucker Health Update

See? I’m trying to put some content on this awful website now that we’re NOT ALLOWED TO POST OUR OWN SHOW anymore. Don’t forget the November 7th LIVE “Weird Medicine”, 9pm-MN Eastern on XM202, Sirius 197.

If you listened to our last show (if you didn’t, I’m sure if you look (bit torrent) around, you may be able to find it somewhere (bit torrent)), you heard the piece we did on Trucker Health.   We got a ton of response to this and the best came from Brett and Joy, who are a husband and wife …

Oct 24, 25 Weird Medicine; contract issues, Nov 7th Live Show Update

Well, we now are under contract with Sirius/XM (yep, we’re working on our third year doing shows for them without a contract, but that’s another story). One of the “benefits” of being under contract is that we no longer “own” the audio we produce for their platform. And since we don’t “own” it, we can’t post it here. Or anywhere. How do you get to listen to a show that airs at MIDNIGHT on weekends if you actually have a life? Well, …

RIP “Barry the Blade”

It was with great sadness that I learned that one of our favorite listeners passed away today. Barry Bender, AKA “Barry the Blade” was on our September 19th “Weird Medicine” show and was going to do an ongoing series about Trucker Hygiene for the show. Here’s a copy of the note his wife sent to me:

Hi Dr Steve

I know you don’t know me, but I am BarryTheBlade’s wife. Remember him, the trucker poop guy?

I know he informed you that he was feeling really sick via email. He came home a week ago and I …

New Show Saturday and Sunday Night 11:59pm Sept 19, 20

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We did a new show for this weekend; after doing the 3 hour turdtacular you’d think doing an hour would be a breeze. However, I just had my flu shot and my damn allergies are killing me and Jefferson has Whooping Cough (I kid you not) and I was just totally out of sorts. Matter of fact, don’t even listen to it, I’m sure it’s that bad.

Next time, though, NOTHING but voicemails; we have a million of ’em to cover and I promise it’ll be a better show.

I got a tweet from a very …

Weird Medicine Ringtone!

I haven’t figured out how to let you just enter your cell phone number and my site will send it to you, but if you email this to yourself as an attachment you should be able to save it as a ringtone.   Or if you have a blackberry, just move it over with your USB cable (@stryker from Twitter tells me it works just by saving it in the browser.  I gotta upgrade my phone).

On Verizon, don’t use [my number]@vtext.com, rather use [mynumber]@vzwpix.com.

Anyway, RIGHT CLICK HERE and click “save target as…” and you’re all set.

Let me …

H1N1 (Swine) Flu: Don’t Panic (yet) (with O&A audio)

Fox News and other networks have been running a story that “scientists” are “predicting” a resurgence of the H1N1 (Swine) Flu virus this winter, one that will rival the influenza epidemic of 1918. My sources at the CDC tell me that in fact, this is simply a report about a contingency plan by the government in case the worst does happen. No one is able to predict what this stupid virus will do, but planning for the worst is never a bad idea. We talked about this briefly on O&A this morning, albeit in my …

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