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May 8th, May 15th NEW Weird Medicine Shows

We have two new shows “in the can” and they’ll play May 8th and May 15th. We’re going to do two more shows in two weeks to carry us through vacation season so we won’t have 2-3 weeks of reruns as we did recently. We cover Dave McDonald’s costochondritis, a guy who can’t smell farts, herpes, herpes, herpes, and a guy who got gutshot with a .22 cal pistol and not only lived to tell the tale, but is driving around, calling us wondering what he should do about it!

I had to kill the Weird Medicine Addendum…if we …

New Weird Medicine Shows: 4-10-10 and 4-17-10

Do I need to post pics of the kid with 20 toes?  I’ve thought about making this site a bit more interesting by posting actual “Weird” medicine stories.  Then I think about how much work that would take and I get lazy.  Let me know what you think.   Silicone penis guy would definitely make the cut, as would maggots-between-scalp-and-skull guy.   Do we really need another Ripley’s Believe it or Puke?   I’ll do it if you think it’s necessary.

Here’s the newest Weird Medicine Addendum;  we kind of got carried away.   A 10 minute podcast that’s 21 minutes long?  Insane!  We finally …

New Weird Medicine Shows March 20, 27, 2010

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Check out the Weird Medicine Addendum, powered by Arrogant Bastard Ale.

Ok, we gotta stop drinking while we’re doing the show.  Jefferson the Lawyer gave some really BAD medical advice, PA John gave some really BAD legal advice, Double Vasectomy Todd gave us all a BAD virus being cooped up in the studio with him, and I got totally flustered when John and Jeff started laughing hysterically off mic at some private joke.  Then I apparently posted this to our RSS feed and don’t even remember doing it. 🙂

Topics over the next few weeks include:

1) Breast Milk Flan
2) Assorted rectal bleeding …

A Triumph of Engineering (Also, New Weird Medicine Episodes)

My friend Brent sent me this video and it just blew me away;  sorry if you’ve all seen it 1000 times and I’m way behind, it’s still way cool.  Even if you hate the music, you have to appreciate the genius.   There are a few camera tricks here, but it’s still an amazing achievement in gonzo engineering.

You’ll note there’s no “Weird Medicine Addendum” this cycle;  it was just so bad that I erased it.  Totally my fault;  …

Carl Sagan’s Apple Pie Recipe

My friend Brent sent me the apple pie recipe; it made me watch the YouTube video again and I thought I’d just post it here. If you’re interested in reading about physics at all (why would you be?) my newest acquisition is “The Quantum Enigma” one of the better books about how physics and human consciousness are hopelessly intertwined.


Weird Medicine Addendum 1/26/10

Get access to the full Weird Medicine Archive for only $1.99/month! Included is every RiotCast show, extra content, music, interviews and after-the-show bonus questions!


The guy who injected silicone into his penis is the subject (among other things) of this “Weird Medicine Addendum”.  If you haven’t seen the video, don’t miss it.  It’s not only “Not Safe For Work”, it’s not safe for anything.  This guy is a nut, but he’s happy, so who are we to criticize him? 20 lbs of silicone later, his glans looks like a giant bullfrog’s mouth and he can’t sit on the pot without dipping his junk into the water.   Fantastic then.

Don’t forget the Weird Medicine Merchandise Mart, where you can get that “I …

Red Cross Raises $25,000,000 Through Text Donations for Haiti

Ok, I know we’re a show about nuts and toejam and stuff, but this Haiti thing is really, really bad.   I was a guest on Montel Williams’ show yesterday talking about the situation there (Stuntbrain works for Montel, if you’re wondering where the connection is) and it really started wearing on my mind.

Haiti is a public health disaster zone at the best of times.   Only 50% of kids there have even the most basic vaccines and clean drinking water?  faggeddaboutit.   Water-borne diseases like cholera and dysentery are among the most immediate disease concerns, infectious diseases like typhoid and yes, H1N1 will be …

Weird Medicine Addendum 1-5-10

Here it is, the first of the “new age” of Weird Medicine Addendum(s)…should it be Addenda?  Or addendae?  Ugh, I hate Greek, or Latin or whatever that is.  Well, I only hate it because I don’t fully grasp it, so as usual I’m being an ass.   Anyway, since we’re now BARRED from putting show audio up on our website (though others do it freely, feel free to seek them out through Google) thanks to our contract that pays us nothing for the privilege, we’re going to do this extra content for our loyal website followers.  Just a brief, 10 minute …

New Weird Medicine Shows!

We’re back from vacation and will start recording new Weird Medicine shows on Jan 7th, for play in the following weekends.   Currently we’re Live one week, prerecorded the next.  We are working to have the Midnight Eastern slot filled with new content every week.   There may be a surprise for everyone coming soon, if we can work it all out.  More on this later.   If Sirius could even get us ONE live read so that we could show our wives that there is SOMETHING coming in now that we’re going on our third year, we could probably do 50 new …

Sneak Preview (Video) of the December 19 2009 Weird Medicine (NSFW)

Over the holidays we’re doing a bunch of new Weird Medicine episodes. Double Vasectomy Todd decided to video the proceedings and in retrospect I’m glad he did. This is a brief 5 minute snippet of the December 19th show wherein PA John (off camera) decides to give us a practical demonstration of the subject at hand: flatulence.

As always, if you have a medical question you’d like to hear on the air, give us a call at (423) DIE-TUTI. Don’t forget our Weird Medicine merchandise at CafePress.Com. The Weird Medicine Store has …

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