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Weird Medicine Addendum July 30 2011

This is the first WM Addendum that we’ve done in over a year and it really, really showed. New things: live internet audience on Ustream (go to our homepage for more information) which was a LOT of fun. This was a straight-to-podcast 30 minute show and when we got done people were weirdly clamoring for more (as if what we did here wasn’t bad enough) so we did another 30 minutes taking live calls via Skype. That show will post just after this one.

For potential advertisers: This …

Trevor W from Canada: “The Dr Steve AHHHHHH Song”

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It is well known that I am hobbled by horrid vocal crutches. These came on late in life when I decided that I couldn’t utter something unless I “knew” it was “correct” (it’s a form of OCD) and my dumb brain is constantly searching for words that ensure that I’m not making statements beyond my knowledge. While my brain is frantically searching for the “right” words, my stupid mouth just opens up and “ahhhhhh” comes out along with “so anyway” and a few other annoying nuggets.

I’m pretty sure Trevor W got this from ONE show, and probably ONE …

Welcome iTunes Listeners!

Well, we finally emerged into the 21st century;  although we cannot play content that we made for SiriusXM, there’s nothing in our contract (at least the way I read it) that says we can’t do a separate podcast if we want to!  So I’m hoping to do a regularly scheduled podcast called “The Weird Medicine Addendum” (we’ve done this before, for long-term listeners, just never on iTunes).  These will be brand “spanking” (yuck yuck) new shows, made specifically for the podcast audience.  Maybe we’ll even get a sponsor or two, who knows?  

You can still use the same number: 347 POO …

Please Help Big A!

Big A is one of our best friends on the show;  he does a lot of stuff for us behind the scenes and is a beloved regular of the Opie and Anthony and Ron and Fez shows.  As you know, Big A hasn’t exactly placed his health in a position of high priority in recent years.  He has severe sleep apnea and would just “forget” to wear his mask, and his diet was so bad he eventually got up to somewhere in the neigborhood of 430 pounds.

Recently he got a health scare and spent some time in the hospital.  The …

February Valentine’s Special

The February 12th Weird Medicine will be a special show for Valentine’s Day.  Replacing PA John, Chest Pain Rob, Jefferson the Lawyer and Double Vasectomy Todd will be a panel of beauties including “Triple H (She’s High, Hot, and a Hellovalot!),  PA Jill (from WM Live III and the WM Addendums (Addendae? ugh)), hot Doctor Ashley, and perhaps a surprise guest.   The hook is that they will be answering questions for guys about women in general that guys want to ask women but never get to because of the crappy communication we have between the sexes.   Questions like “how come …

October 16th LIVE Weird Medicine Show

Most regular listeners of Weird Medicine know that PA John and the rest of the WM team are not able to make it to NYC this year for the live show.  It’s rough…everyone has obligations and it’s very expensive to make this trip.  Sirius has consistently declined to help out with expenses and I can’t ask 4 other guys to spend their hard-earned $$$ on a Quixotic adventure that is basically my dream, not theirs.    So Tacie and I are going up by ourselves.

This leaves a huge void for me.   John obviously can field medical questions while I’m looking stuff …

Ok FINALLY we can announce the “BIG” news (get it?)

I’ve been hinting around that there is “Big” news involving the midnight eastern time slot and we can finally announce it. Big Kev’s Geek Stuff is not only returning to Sirius/XM radio, but will be sharing the midnight eastern timeslot with Weird Medicine.

The story behind this goes back to October 2007.  Big Kev and Weird Medicine were the first “pest radio” shows on the Saturday Night Virus.  If you recall, Gregg “Opie” Hughes made an announcement that any “pests” who had a good idea for a show should let him know…they were willing to put …

New Shows, New Addendum, Medical Mythbusters, other crap

Get access to the full Weird Medicine Archive for only $1.99/month! Included is every RiotCast show, extra content, music, interviews and after-the-show bonus questions!


It’s been a long time since I posted a Weird Medicine Addendum. For awhile, we were recording them before the XM/Sirius shows and we were finding that a lot of energy that went into the addendum took away from the “official” show. So we just quit doing them for awhile. We had so much fun recording the last two Weird Medicine shows that we had a lot of energy left to do more so we sat back down and did this addendum. There is all-new material here…none of it (that I recall) was done on the shows that aired.

Please welcome …

May 8th, May 15th NEW Weird Medicine Shows

We have two new shows “in the can” and they’ll play May 8th and May 15th. We’re going to do two more shows in two weeks to carry us through vacation season so we won’t have 2-3 weeks of reruns as we did recently. We cover Dave McDonald’s costochondritis, a guy who can’t smell farts, herpes, herpes, herpes, and a guy who got gutshot with a .22 cal pistol and not only lived to tell the tale, but is driving around, calling us wondering what he should do about it!

I had to kill the Weird Medicine Addendum…if we …

New Weird Medicine Shows: 4-10-10 and 4-17-10

Do I need to post pics of the kid with 20 toes?  I’ve thought about making this site a bit more interesting by posting actual “Weird” medicine stories.  Then I think about how much work that would take and I get lazy.  Let me know what you think.   Silicone penis guy would definitely make the cut, as would maggots-between-scalp-and-skull guy.   Do we really need another Ripley’s Believe it or Puke?   I’ll do it if you think it’s necessary.

Here’s the newest Weird Medicine Addendum;  we kind of got carried away.   A 10 minute podcast that’s 21 minutes long?  Insane!  We finally …

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