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R.I.P. XM Jim

We were given the very sad news that our friend XM Jim passed away today.

He always told me “this cancer isn’t going to get me, doc” and he was right; he died of a massive heart attack.

Jim was self-employed and had no life insurance; he leaves behind a wife and 3 kids, 2 of whom are 4 or under and one of whom has special needs. Beside the obvious emotional distress, they are so devastated financially that they’re asking the Veteran’s Administration for help with his burial.

If you can see it in your heart to …

Please Help @XMJim!

Occasionally, I come to you, hat in hand, to help one of the friends of our show monetarily. Some of these promotions are more successful (Patrice O’Neal, Big A) than others (Blowhard), but you always come through. This time we really need your help.

A listener to our show (he’s @XMJim on Twitter, please follow him) was feeling crummy so he saw his doctor and came away with a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. He’s been in the hospital and has now lost his job and has no income. Of course, his cancer treatments are going to cost …

019 – Hypersexual Rabies and the Throckmorton File

Dr Steve, Addadictome Todd and Dr D from the Throckmorton File answer awkward and strange medical questions. Topics include: nutsack skin tags, post cholecystectomy syndrome, steroid injections for migraines, Neil Armstrong, energy drinks, rabies, etc.

Also, the voting for Blowhard’s future on our show is almost over…if you have an opinion click here and vote!


Ok, ok, we give. YOU choose whether Blowhard stays or goes!

I figured if we added the possibility of Brooklyn Blowhard being banned forever from our show that people would knock each other over to donate to his “sh!# eating grin” fund. I guess people really love him on the air, because the move to ban him forever has earned only $90 of the needed $600 to do the trick.

So I’m changing things up a bit.
If you want to ban The Brooklyn Blowhard forever, click here:…

Help us BAN “Brooklyn Blowhard” from Weird Medicine (and help a guy out)

If you’ve been listening lately, our faithful listener “Brooklyn Blowhard” SWALLOWED HIS OWN TOOTH recently. He has no money, so he has been sifting through his own fecal matter for over two weeks trying to find it so his dentist can put it back in (it’s a cap, apparently, and Blowhard is not too proud to have a “shit eating grin”). Well, after two weeks he finally gave up and now he looks like a big, fat redneck with his missing “toof”.

We came up with a deal. Our listeners are very generous, but for Blowhard, they’re …

011 – Pus is not Food

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Dr Scott, Dr Kay, Jefferson the Shyster and DoubleVasectomy Todd join Dr Steve to answer listener calls. After the technical difficulties of the last show, we finally sort-of made it work in the new studio. Also a guy called wondering if it’s safe to drink a certain fluid that not all anatomists even agree exists.


Please help Steve C’s Family!

We are all mourning the loss of our friend, Steve Carlesi, the former executive producer of the Opie and Anthony Channel. From a personal standpoint, Steve was the first person at XM202 who I ever corresponded with, and he ALWAYS answered my emails, no matter how trivial. He took the time to respond to a fan in the most gracious and humorous way; when I decided to pitch “Weird Medicine” to Opie I went to Steve first. His response: “I like it. A LOT. Let me see what I can do.” The rest …

Damn You, Scott Mills! (Whoever you are)

Ha, we have nothing against "Scott Mills" if indeed that is his real name...

We’re just glad to be #2 in “New and Noteworthy” on iTunes today!  THANK YOU!  We have the coolest listeners in podcast history.

Please subscribe on iTunes and give us a five star rating (even if you hate it)!

We will be recording 4 podcasts from noon to 4 pm THIS SATURDAY Eastern Daylight Time…feel free to give us a listen on our Ustream Channel at RiotCast.com, and call …

Eat Fiber and Die: the MP3

A couple of people asked me to actually post this awful song from my early days, cerca 1987.  I had just bought a multitrack recorder and a Korg DSS-1 sampling synthesizer.  I can’t sing so I whispered the words like a dope.

Ultimately, the chorus still makes me laugh: “Someone roll me a great big spliff; in return I’ll give you manual relief.”

More importantly, we now actually have a sponsor for the podcast.  Check out Adam & Eve by clicking HERE.  The cool thing is, if you use the offer code “FLUID” you’ll get 50% off one item, free …

004 – The Testosterone Tango (or, How to Tell Your Hot Doctor You Have a Rectal Fissure)

Get access to the full Weird Medicine Archive for only $1.99/month! Included is every RiotCast show, extra content, music, interviews and after-the-show bonus questions!


Live calls!  Painful vaginas!  Rectal Fissures!  Testosterone!  This show has it all, except for a professional delivery by its hosts.

Topics include:  Post episiotomy vaginal pain, weird labial cysts, lots of testosterone questions, and a guy with a hot doctor and an embarassing medical issue.

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