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The next “Weird Medicine” will be October 25th at 8pm on XM Channel 202, and Sirius Channel 197.   This will be a pre-election show with hopefully a spirited debate on health care in this country, along with the usual penis and vagina questions.

So anyway, I didn’t want to just post one paragraph, so I thought I’d try to illustrate what kind of weirdo I really am.   For example, here are two of my favorite songs on youtube:…

Weird Medicine Now Monthly on XM202!

We received some great news the other day…while waiting for Erock to review the last “Weird Medicine Addendum”, we were worried that it wasn’t good enough, or the audio stunk, or no one liked the “East
Tennessee Ed” bit…when Erock called, I was pretty sure he was going to say “Hey, it was ok, but we really can’t use it.”  Instead he offered us a monthly spot on the 8pm Saturday Night slot.   We’ll be in rotation with three other shows, and it should give us some good practice for the quarterly live show (which we’ll still be doing, assuming Sirius-XM …

Weird Medicine Addendum to be broadcast on XM 202 this Saturday Night

We came up with this thing called the “Weird Medicine Addendum” which initially was a podcast that would help us wrap up any questions left over from the XM show.  It was a pretty successful podcast, actually, and introduced the lovely PA Jill to the world.   Now, XM202 is broadcasting the newest “Addendum” this Saturday night, August 3rd, at during the pre-SNV slot from 8-9pm EDST.

 Doing a pre-recorded show is wayyyyy different than doing it live;  I worried about it a lot more, for some reason, I guess because it was pre-recorded, it should be perfect.   Those of you who …

Weird Medicine: Third Edition Postmortem

We tried to do a few new things this time, some things worked and some things didn’t.  Believe me, we learned a lot from the experiments we tried, and this will just make subsequent Weird Medicine shows that much better.

First we hit O&A…prostate exams all around, but the most important being the physical exam of Tippy Tom.  There …

One Page Baby Instruction Manual

Note: I had canned this post as “too serious” until Dave and Casey had a baby, along with Brother Joe, Sister Dawn, and  pretty soon Travis and Lisa.  So I figured I’d go ahead and post it.   Back to testicles, warts, hemorrhoids, and eyeball injections next post 🙂  —Steve

When my wife and I had our first child, we took some classes and read a pile of books.  We found two things that really made a difference in our lives:  scheduling and swaddling (more on swaddling later).  When it was time to have our second child, we realized that we’d forgotten …

Posterior Uveitis

Well, I got diagnosed with this thing called “posterior uveitis”;  it’s a really crummy inflammation of the retina that made my vision go from 20/20 to 20/200 in a week.  I tell you this not to garner sympathy, but to try out embedding video into this blogsite. 

Pray, kids, that you never get “posterior uveitis”, because this is what they do to you when you do:

yes indeedy, an INJECTION of steroids IN YOUR EYEBALL.


 Then I had to go back and do it again…this time with a little more direct approach.  …

Weird Medicine part deux in the can (so to speak)

It’s amazing how quickly three hours can slip by.   The sophomore edition of Weird Medicine went pretty well;  it was a lot more serious this time than last, and PA John and I have some ideas for making the third edition better and more fun.   The word “Sophomore” means “learned fool” and I think that applied pretty well to us.

First we did about 30 minutes on O&A.  I found to my dismay that my “bit” is to do rectal exams on the staff and interns.  I sort of remember begging for a new “bit” on the air (ideas of any …

“Weird Medicine” XM Shows

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The Greatest Weekend of All Time Part Three

October 13th
We spend the day touring New York, but it’s hard to pay attention to anything because we’re going to go live in a few hours doing something neither PA John nor I have ever really done before. What the hell made us think we could actually do this? I was a stupid pie-in-the-sky idiot who had a dumb idea and now I had to actually go through with it or look like an ass, but I was sure if I did go through with it I’d look like an ass anyway. O&A and R&F had been …

The Greatest Weekend of All Time Part Two

11am 10/12/07
We took our obligatory photos with O&A and headed back to the hotel, riding high on the morning’s events.  “We may actually pull this off,” I said at one point to PA John on the walk back.  We were so excited we didn’t realize our hotel was right across the street from the studio…we walked about 4 blocks before figuring out we were a couple of bumbling idiots and hiked back in the right direction.

Our next destination was the COMIX Comedy Club on west 14th.  We were to watch a taping of Ron Bennington’s “Unmasked” with Robert Klein.  Now, …

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