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Female Ejaculation vs Coital Incontinence

Much has been made of a study on female ejaculation in the media and on Twitter and Reddit lately.  The media and the blogosphere have been rife with headlines like: “Scientists Say Female ‘Squirting’ is Just Peeing!”

Unfortunately, once again the bloggers and medical media got it wrong.

Read the original study:


This study suffers from a severe case of selection bias. Finding that the fluid emission was urine was the only possible outcome of the study given its structure, because they selected only women who already had coital incontinence:

“Seven women, without gynecologic abnormalities and who reported recurrent and …

Smoothie Recipes

People have emailed me, asking me for my smoothie “recipes” from the last podcast.   I really don’t have any;  I mostly improvise like a jazz musician using the following “chord chart” (yecch):

First Principles:
1) Spinach is basically tasteless raw (Kale is vile to me, but some people like it)
2) Almond milk is better than soy milk which is better than cow’s milk (especially if you’re lactose intolerant).  Do I have evidence to back that up?  Nope!  Just my opinion.
3) The taste of fresh carrots is pretty good and can be masked with a single serving of fruit


if you’re grain-free, you …

Help Some People at the Holidays

Well, it’s that time of year and we have a couple of people we can help if you have an extra $1, $5, $10, or more!


Our pal RexDart has been taking chemotherapy, but his fixed income makes traveling to MD Anderson AND keeping the lights on at home difficult. He also pays child support out of his Social Security check which is less than $1000/month in the first place.

If you’d like to help him out, click the button below. Any amount will help!  This will basically go toward keeping propane in the tank and the lights on….

RIOTCAST Holiday Gift Drive: Please Help!

Why We Know Ebola Still Isn’t Easy to Contract (Commentary)

Just some quick math to set your mind at ease:

If Ebola were EASY to transmit, there would be a MUCH larger burden of cases in the world right now. Let me show you with math.

Let’s be conservative and say this outbreak started January 1st with one patient. Let’s say this person infected 10 other people, who then infected 10 other people, and so on. With an incubation period of 21 days, and assuming that people can’t transmit the disease until they are symptomatic, it’s pretty easy to calculate where we would be if the above were anywhere close to reality.  (Remember, I’m …

RexDart Needs Our Help Again

We have a listener who has been battling terminal bladder cancer since 2011. He’s had to try to continue to work just to keep the lights on despite horrific intractable pain, but hasn’t had a full time job since being laid off in 2012. A few months ago he told me “i’m already $100 away from being homeless. At this point I long for the relief that death will bring.”

He has no family who can help him, and he’s alone, suffering in a cold house trying to live on $700 a month. He finally has an oncologist who …

Doctor Scott’s IndieGoGo Launch

If you’re interested in Dr Scott’s Traditional Chinese Medicine approach, check out his IndieGogo launch for his “Simply Herbals” products.   We give him a hard time on the show but he’s a good feller.  So give it a look;   this is not a claim for any medical benefit or anything, he’s just our bestest pal and we wish him all success.

Click here to go to his IndieGogo Site!


your pal,



Dr Steve

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TomPapa: The Movie


“The more biting the satire, the narrower the audience…”, a friend of mine taught me that years ago.  I’m thinking 3 people will get the joke, then I realize, there’s really not a JOKE here, it’s just a movie called “Tampopo” and I got a friend on twitter to turn it into “Tompapa”.  It even has his face.   But now it’s just Juzo Itami’s “Tompapa” but without a joke to make it pop.


Make it FUNNY and email it to me (w e i r d m …

The Worst Circumcision Story Ever

I got this on my reddit page today and had to share it with you.   Half-way through I was saying to myself, “this is going to end with his penis sloughing off” but thankfully it has a happy ending with horrific scars instead of a stump.

When I was 19, mid last year I was in a relationship with a girl in North Sumatra, Indonesia and we decided we wanted to get engaged, but her parents told me I need to be circumcised.

In her sect, circumcision is a must and it’s unacceptable to not be …

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