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Which One of You Created EstebanTheMagnificent.com?

Ha ha some genius who lingers WAY longer heard me tell the story of my magic show in the 7th grade, billed as “Esteban the Magnificent,” and what I really did with the silk foulard that was part of my zombie ball trick.


Anyway, an artist who actually illustrated a book with a character “ESTEBAN THE MAGNIFICENT” (coinkydink?) reached out to me to see if she could get the domain name.  Since whoever did this signed up private on WHOIS, I can’t reach you any other way.

Perhaps the artist will pay for the domain, perhaps other special treats are in store …


I’ve been asked so many times about this, that I am past-due for posting on this subject. This is one of the articles I reference, when discussing the treatment of “low normal” testosterone:
Aging Male. 2012 Dec;15(4):198-207. doi: 10.3109/13685538.2012.699562. Epub 2012 Jul 26.
A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of testosterone gel on body composition and health-related quality-of-life in men with hypogonadal to low-normal levels of serum testosterone and symptoms of androgen deficiency over 6 months with 12 months open-label follow-up.
Behre HM1, …

Dietary Supplements and Risk of Cause-Specific Death, Cardiovascular Disease, and Cancer

Here’s a nice article doing some actual SCIENCE on dietary supplements and health.  People ask me all the time, “do dietary supplements work?”  My first question is always “what do you want to accomplish?”  If you say,  “I want to take Vitamin D to prevent rickets,”  I’m all in!  If you say “I want to take Vitamin C to prevent the common cold,” I can’t find any decent data to support it.

So we have to define our endpoints (what do we want to accomplish) then study how various supplements help us reach those endpoints.  Sometimes, as in the case …

Weird Medicine Premium Content

If you visit this site frequently, you’ll notice some changes since October 3, 2016.   If you simply listen to each new show as it comes out, none of this will affect you!  The most recent 5 shows will always be available for free.  Behind the “PayWall” will be the complete archives of Weird Medicine, going back to 2007,  and extra content (mini-shows, interviews, music, whatever I can think of).  If you’re new to the show and want to go back and listen to all the old shows as many do, you can do this behind the paywall, too.

The cost: …

The Truth about Gardasil

This issue has come up dozens of times on the show;  I was going to write an article about it, but honestly I couldn’t have written one better than this one from Snopes.com.   Other than the Hep B vaccine (which isn’t marketed as an “anti cancer vaccine” but should reduce HepB associated hepatocellular cancer), this is the first and only anti-cancer vaccine we’ve developed.  Have they proved that Gardasil reduces the incidence of cervical, anal, head&neck and penile cancers?  No, that will take decades, but it is proven to reduce the prevalence of the strains of HPV …

Thank You For Being a Part of Our Lives, Pal

Today was a day from hell;  we lost our dear friend Greg Petraitis, known to radio listeners as GVac.  I want everyone to know he died suddenly and did not suffer.  His family is in shock, so please be gentle and give them some time to process this tragic information.

Greg was selfless and loveable, he gladly gave of himself and was never without his sense of humor and infectious laugh.   What an amazing musician, too…he was driving 90 minutes each way to work out a set with Dr Scott and me for an Alzheimer’s benefit;  there was no real …

Don’t Fear the PPI (but Don’t Take it if You Don’t Need It)

Much has been touted in the media and social media about the recent proton pump inhibitor (PPI) study in JAMA relating long term use of these drugs to chronic kidney disease.  There is so much hype that I thought it important to take a closer look.

The study in JAMA is only available to the public as an abstract, which means the authors condensed an 8 page document into 7 paragraphs (basically a half-page).  This is standard…you  have to PAY to be able to read the whole article, and the abstract doesn’t tell the whole story.   Your old pal, an …

Intern Jesse’s Internship Debriefing

This is the paper Intern Jesse (now Associate Producer Jesse) had to turn in to his university to get credit for his rotation with us.  He did a great job, and deserved the solid C+ we gave him for his efforts.  🙂


Internship Reflection

“It’s Weird Medicine, the first, and still only, uncensored medical show in the history of radio!”  In the last few months, I’ve heard those words more times than I can count.  That one phrase, along with a hefty majority of the rest of the introduction, is burned into my …

Flatus Flute

Well, our friend on Twitter @SonOfFritz gave us this artwork for the whistling rectal rocket  novelty item, being produced by our friend Danny in Canada.   If the dumb things never make it to market, this cover art made me very, very happy.


Please Help Our Friend Tracy DeMarzo

Our friend, Tracy DeMarzo (many of you know her as Rick Shapiro’s wife) is battling breast cancer and has a GoFundMe account for her surgery and reconstruction.   To quote Tracy:

For those of you that know me, you know that I have great self-body-image. And yes, many of you have seen my boobs! Which makes me love them more.  I have been on stages as a stripper, I have been to Fantasy Fest in Key West, wet t-shirt contests, naked piano dancing.. it was all me. But more importantly, my breasts …

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