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May the Funk Be With You

In honor of Star Wars Episode VII, coming soon to a theater near you, I am reposting a song that my friend Fred Vultee and I did with our other friends Gil Fray and Doug Baker in 1977, soon after seeing the first Star Wars movie.   It was also our first attempt at ping-pong multitracking with multiple instruments.  We didn’t have drums so Fred and I beat on pots and pans.  Very low tech, but somehow I was in possession of a Korg synthesizer and posted a tasty synth solo somewhere in there.  Yes, that’s me at the end, …

“I Pee and My C*ck’s on Fire” Billy Joel Parody

For our 100th show, Brother Joe Cumia (Joseph Cumia on YouTube and @JosephCumia on Twitter) and I cooked up this song parody. Well, let’s be clear, I had the idea to do a song and Brother Joe did all the heavy lifting. My main contribution was the idea to do a song about VD and have the chorus say something like “My Stupid C*ck’s on Fire”. A week later, Joe sent me the completed song with spaces for me to insert some audio from our listeners.

The moral to the story of this song …

Ask A Prostitute Theme

People have been asking me for the “Ask A Prostitute” theme music. It’s basically an AppleLoop jingle with a vocoder saying “ASK A PROSTITUTE” over and over. If you make it into a ringtone, please let me know how that goes over at work.

your obt svt,


Weird Medicine Music Beds

Some people have asked about the music beds we use for ads and stuff. I plan to post all of the original audio here for people who might want it (but why would you? It’s AWFUL!)

For now, here is the new music bed for next week’s recording session; we’ll use it for AMAZON, Gamefly, and Tweaked Audio (offer code: FLUID). Feel free to make a ringtone out of it if you’re so inclined. And lay off my jazz improv skillz…I STINK and I’m well aware of it, thank you very much.

I plan on uploading a complilation of all of Trevor …

CB Alien and the Vodka Tampon

Well, the Vodka Tampon Challenge was our second scientific “mythbusting” endeavor…the first being Double Vasectomy Todd’s loss of 80 lbs and gaining of 1 and 3/4 inches of penis length, thus confirming “The Rule of 35” or “Dr Steve’s Rule” that says for every 35 lbs of weight loss, you regain 1 inch (approximately) of visible male membership.

The Vodka Tampon Challenge was affected, however, by my recent loss of vision…posterior uveitis knocked me from 20/20 to 20/200 in a day and I had to get steroids injected in my dumb eyes again.   This is all documented on my pal “…


“Fez out of Balance”

This was inspired by something Ronnie B said that inspired something that Sherwin Sleeves said…and of course I just stole the idea.

I had forgotten how much I loved “Koyaanisqatsi” (Life out of Balance) and if you don’t know what I’m talking about, buy it immediately from  the Weird Medicine Drug Store.

It’s slow and plodding, not brilliant and thoughtful like Philip Glass’s original, but it’s the first music I’ve put together in over 6 years so it was fun to do.  I basically did it for @sherwinsleeves and @djjd1962 who were talking about Philip Glass on …

“Peace and Love” by John Trubee

We jumped ship a little to play “Blind Man’s Penis” on our October 25th show, but we got a ton of emails requesting a copy of the .mp3.

I’m pretty sure it’s “public domain” at this point, as I found it on a website dedicated to songpoems and those who love them.

Here’s the article about the song straight from the author himself (again cribbed from songpoemmusic.com):

You Too Can Be A Recording Star!
Article by John Trubee

Stevie Wonder’s penis is erect because he’s blind. This ludicrous line was invented out …

“Weird Medicine” Theme Music!

By popular demand, here is the theme music for the XM Satellite Radio show, “Weird Medicine,” written by Sean Hurley and performed by Ron and Fez regular contributor Sherwin Sleeves.

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