Synth Battle #1

I’m just putting this up here so I don’t have to share it on Facebook any more.  I am working in my synthesizer lab and tried, for the first time, to sync up my Drummer From Another Mother (Moogfest 2017), Electribe 2, and Moog Mother 32.  All running through a cheap-ass Behringer mixer with a little digital reverb tossed in for ambience.   All the clocks are running in sync, BUT, the DFAM has 8 steps, while the Electribe has 16×4=64 steps and the Mother has 4×8 = 32 steps.   So the measures line up every once in awhile and that difference makes the rhythms more interesting.  This was also my first “from scratch” Electribe programming.

Anyway, there’s no sound for the first 30 seconds while I’m trying to figure out how to get it started…I’ll do better next time (yes, there will be a next time;  if you listen to the podcast for free, the quid pro quo is I get to post this stupid crap from time to time.)  🙂



or, more likely, Ignore!



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