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Help Some People at the Holidays

Well, it’s that time of year and we have a couple of people we can help if you have an extra $1, $5, $10, or more!


Our pal RexDart has been taking chemotherapy, but his fixed income makes traveling to MD Anderson AND keeping the lights on at home difficult. He also pays child support out of his Social Security check which is less than $1000/month in the first place.

If you’d like to help him out, click the button below. Any amount will help!  This will basically go toward keeping propane in the tank and the lights on.


Ok, ok, we get it, Lady Di is a mess. Sending her money directly would simply be enabling her and would fatten the coffers of the Natty Ice distributor. I do have her landlord’s name and address, though, and we could send him a few bucks to offset her rent payment for the holidays (around $770/month). However annoying she is, I know Weird Medicine listeners wouldn’t want her homeless again, tooting on unclean junk to keep beans on her plate.

To donate to Lady Di’s rent (100% will go to her landlord; Di has foodstamps and welfare to count on for food and heat), click the link below:




If you’d like to help Kevin, the Ron and Fez fan with the pineal gland cyst, click here to go to his YouCaring.Com fundraiser! The problem with having health insurance is that it DOESN’T PAY THE MORTGAGE or make sure your KIDS ARE OK AT THE HOLIDAYS…Kevin and his family could use some real help while he is recuperating.



Mad Scientist Party Hour (partners of ours on the RiotCast Network) has a friend with multiple brain aneurysms.  He had a huge medical bill and did something you can do too if you run up a huge bill:  he went to the hospital and negotiated his bill down to $5500!  Nicely done, but he needs help paying it off.   Give him some help by checking out his funding site at:  tinyurl.com/rolloutforsiike

Weird Medicine listeners are the best;  you all ALWAYS come through and you are most appreciated.

Thanks as always, and I’ll keep you up to date on the progress of these campaigns.

yr obt svt,





Thanks to all of you, we have so far sent half her rent to Lady Di’s landlord and a few shekels to RexDart to make his holiday slightly less crappy.   Diana understands ANY FURTHER HELP FROM WEIRD MEDICINE LISTENERS IS PREDICATED ON HER TAKING CERTAIN STEPS, including seeing her local doctor for referral to an addictionologist and following up regarding her hip so she can get back to work and get off the couch.   This has been a consistent demand from donors;  help during the holidays is a gift without strings but that goodwill only goes so far.  Having said that a LOT of you said they’d be willing to help Di if she would simply show signs of helping herself.

Any further donations after our show airs on 12/13/14 will go to RexDart and his kids and dog unless you specifically request that it be held for Di once she shows some sign of interest in making her life better.

Thanks to everyone who helped and to everyone who didn’t donate but refrained from bashing me for helping Diana out at this time of year.


yr obt svt,




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