TomPapa: The Movie

TomPapa The Movie


“The more biting the satire, the narrower the audience…”, a friend of mine taught me that years ago.  I’m thinking 3 people will get the joke, then I realize, there’s really not a JOKE here, it’s just a movie called “Tampopo” and I got a friend on twitter to turn it into “Tompapa”.  It even has his face.   But now it’s just Juzo Itami’s “Tompapa” but without a joke to make it pop.


Make it FUNNY and email it to me (w e i r d m e d i c i n e at riotcast dot com) and if we like it maybe we’ll send you a Bristol Stool Scale mug or something.   That’s IF.  This is NOT a contest.   I just want to laugh at Tom Papa’s expense, or maybe get his attention or something I dunno.  See, if Tom Papa was my friend, then I’d be one step closer to Jerry…

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