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The Worst Circumcision Story Ever

I got this on my reddit page today and had to share it with you.   Half-way through I was saying to myself, “this is going to end with his penis sloughing off” but thankfully it has a happy ending with horrific scars instead of a stump.

When I was 19, mid last year I was in a relationship with a girl in North Sumatra, Indonesia and we decided we wanted to get engaged, but her parents told me I need to be circumcised.

In her sect, circumcision is a must and it’s unacceptable to not be circumcised. I was always anti-Circumcision but I was dumb enough to do it for her.

Her aunt is a nurse and recommended a doctor at the hospital. I went there, he explained to me that circumcision is painless, he will cut off less skin than the size of my fingernail, and he will not do stitches and I will not bleed. And my girlfriends aunt said that he uses a laser, and not a scalpel, I wanted the laser because I bleed a lot.

I dropped my pants, he told me “Nice size, Big size”. I didn’t think too much of it, but I was thinking it’s strange.. His nurse and him started talking in Indonesian. He inspected me and cleaned me up a bit.

Then he started injecting me with anaesthetic. We used maybe 4 or 5 syringes and I could still feel everything. I was trying to tell him that I can still feel everything and nothing is numb… But it was too late. He started cutting me open, I was shaking and in pain. He stopped and tried again with another syringe and it didn’t help. It was too late to stop, so he just continued. I had a pool of blood under me, I’m sweating and this is the most religious experience in my life with all of my thoughts being “OH GOD PLEASE LET IT BE OVER, OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD LET ME BE OKAY” and the like.. The stitches were worse than the cutting. I had maybe 30 or 40.

After about 30 minutes of cutting me and burning me with a machine like a big soldering iron, He was finished. I was still bleeding a little bit.

Anyway, we paid him the 200 dollars and left. My girlfriends aunt told me I’m a liar, because he uses laser and not a scalpel… but I was trying to tell her that I saw him cutting me with a fucking scalpel.

We went back home to my girlfriends house and I went to sleep. The next morning I woke up with like 2 cups worth of congealed blood in my pants. I took a shower and I ended up bleeding all over the floor and I was dizzy and feeling sick in the stomach. The floor was covered with droplets of blood. I had to wait for about 2 hours for my girlfriends aunt to get there and take us to the hospital.

When she did come, we went to the hospital. They told me I had broken some stitches. And I was the last patient of the day by time I got there. For some reason there were 8 female nurses and 1 female doctor and they all had turns touching me and talking about me. I was surrounded by these late teen to 35 year old women, touching me and talking about me.

I tried to stop getting an erection when a cute girl, maybe 18 or 19 wearing the nurse outfit with the hat was holding me. I just tried to focus on the pain. It worked.

Anyway, they ended up fixing my stitches. They failed about 4 times and ripped my skin open even more. After screaming my balls off from that for an hour or two, we went back home.

After a few days of resting, I was still bleeding non-stop. I decided I had to fly back to Kuala Lumpur and back to my city in Australia. I booked my flight, and went on the plane, with a bleeding dick. I spent my whole flight in the toilet with diarrhea and blood clots. I got back to KL, went to the house there and had to get myself well enough to fly for 7 hours to my city.

I made the decision to get some detol. I put the detol on my penis, and that was a fucking BAD idea… I didn’t know you had to dilute a cap of detol with like a bucket of water.

My whole holiday was fucked. Everything was horrible. I got well enough to go home. I flew back to my city, and I went to the hospital. They told me it looks pretty bad and there’s an infection. They gave me some tablets and finally I stopped bleeding. I became better, but after a few weeks my girlfriend and I broke up for other reasons. FUCK. All that for nothing.

After about 3 weeks, it had healed up pretty well. And after about 3 months, it was looking much better. but you can see every single stitch mark. And you can see the cut lines and its very obvious.

I want to know if that will go away, and how I can fix that.. It’s been maybe 5 months now.

Anyway. I doubt you’ll read this, but I think it’s a good story for anyone who reads it.

Moral of the story: Don’t do ANYTHING special for your girlfriend, EVER.

Wow, what a story;  makes the Sam Roberts circumcision seem like “My Little Pony”.

yr obt svt,


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