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An Open Letter to Dr. Steve

I got a note from a listener about his mom and her nightmarish foray into the medical system.  She had a mass that was removed and post surgery retained a lot of fluid (it’s called “third spacing“, feel free to Google it). Anyway, she was getting a bit of the ol’ “run around”, likely due to being told different things by different practitioners on her case (and there were many).  Anyway, I gave her and her son some information and support and moved on.   A week later I got this letter.  Sometimes we don’t know the impact we’re having on people.

I post this here only as a reminder to my employer that despite all the F-bombs and awful dick jokes and testicle-cheese questions, we actually sometimes do some good on this show.

An open letter to Dr. Steve,

It is with a very grateful heart that I write to thank you for all of your help. You have been a shining beacon throughout this entire process. Your insights, your knowledge, but mostly importantly your dedication to helping others has helped us all so very much. Thank you for helping my son, Benjamin, in the process of helping me.

Among the many lessons, gifts so to speak, in this journey has been: to try to discern truth, to take responsibility for one’s own treatment, to stand up for oneself, to be articulate and to question. It became evident near the end of my ordeal that to express compassion rather than condemnation and to give of oneself to others who struggle was an important stop on this trip. A smile and a laugh go a long way on a cancer floor of women battling to live. The number one lesson that I see is to let your light shine, share your gifts, give a hug, provide a laugh. Do it every moment of every day. Tell the truth as you see it. Listen for truth in all that you hear. Value your friends and family beyond anything that you can imagine. Appreciate every moment and always move forward.

Today came the good news that all of the biopsies were benign. But I was very sick last week, and we could have permanently damaged my kidneys, When asked about this, my surgeon today told me that nothing different could have been done. I knew that was not true. When he said that he was the doctor, how dare I question his judgement, I did not rise to the argument. I left that room at peace. I had spoken my truth, and I would live when others would not.

So there we are. The trip that started with lower abdominal pain late last winter is finally over. In the process, we have gotten to know you, Dr. Steve, and your wonderful work. This trip into the world of high-tech surgery and world-class hospitals was over. We will wait for the new one to begin. Perhaps it will be to the little town of Gallatin, Tennessee, to see one incredible man: Dr. Steve.

With fond best wishes and our forever thanks,

Anne M

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