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003 Beer Bottle to the Head

Horrific.  In one word that’s my description of this show.  We announced our partnership with RiotCast, ascended to #24 on iTunes, and this dropped THIS load on our listeners.  We’re doing the podcast AFTER recording 2 hours of SiriusXM shows and the drinking and fatigue are starting to show already.  I’m thinking we’ll start doing podcasts on Saturday afternoons, but we’re open to ideas…we just have to find a time that we can plan on.   Thanks to Big A for taking pity on us and calling in live.

The good news?  We did ascend to #24 in iTunes podcasts on our second day, and we got our first sponsor.  I promise I’ll make the live reads and ads as unobtrusive as I can.   Nothing will keep us from our feces and “fromunda cheese” talk!

Until next time, I remain,

yr obt svt


Dr Steve


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