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Casting call: The Opie and Anthony Channel HBO series

Every once in awhile I think about how an O&A movie or Tee Vee show would look.   If the boys didn’t play themselves, who on Earth could do it?  Then I watched “Sons of Anarchy” and realized the show had already done the casting for me.  Here’s how I think the producers of SOA would cast “Spreading the Virus: The Opie and Anthony Story” for Lifetime Television:

Ken Johnson makes a decent Gregg “Opie” Hughes doin’ gang signs at FH Riley’s

Kim Coates is such a ringer for Ant that I seriously thought someone was doing a little moonlighting on TV

The great Mark Boone as the Great Ron Bennington

Ok, James Cosmo as Fez Whatley is a no-brainer; it’s uncanny!

Henry Rollins as “Li’l Jimmy Norton”

Hal Holbrook as “Uncle Paul”

Bellina Logan as “Prime Time Sam Roberts”
And of course…

The Motorcycle Twins as Erik “Sexman” Nagel
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