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Finally! A Technique for Penis “Enlargement” that May Actually Work

From BodyODD:

“Package deal: Injections make penis grow, study finds

By Dr. Tony Youn

Does penis size matter?

A group of researchers from Korea University apparently believes it does, considering they discovered a way to make it happen

They recently published a study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine that analyzed how injections of a hyaluronic acid filler (Restylane Sub-Q) could increase penile girth.  These physicians injected an average of 20.5 cc (about  two-thirds of a medicine cup) using “a back-and-forth technique” into the deep soft tissue layers of the penises of 50 men.  The product was then ‘homogenized with a roller.’

The men’s penises had an average increase in circumference (girth) of 4 cm, which was maintained 18 months later.  They also assessed the patient and partner’s satisfaction with the treatment and found an average score of 3.3 (rated from 0-4) at 18 months.   Sounds like a nice result, right?  Keep in mind these patients underwent injections into their penises with relatively hefty needles.  Ouch.”

Commentary by your old pal Dr Steve:

Restylane is a filler that is usually used on the face to erase lines.  It’s a non-toxic gel and puffs up the skin it is injected into.  So these researchers figured, “if it’ll puff up some skank’s face, why not some dude’s schlong?”  People who have Restylane injected into their face report noticeable results for up to 18 months, so this treatment should be long-lasting.

Remember, though, this treatment does nothing for length, only for girth.  But I think most receivers, given the choice, would choose girth over length anyway.  Done by a bad practitioner, one can end up with a lumpy mess, just as this poor patient did:


I can imagine some people will go for the “ribbed” effect and other interesting configurations.  I would be willing to bet that a flaccid penis that has been treated with filler would look rather odd.  

More on this story as I get more information.  In the meantime, if any of you try this, let us know how it goes at 347 POO HEAD ASAP!

I’m hoping we’ll start to do podcasts again;  I’m just looking for sponsors so I can pay for GVAC’s gas (he drives 2 hours to do the show) and help support the rest of the crew.  Stay tuned!

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