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October 4th 2011 Podcast

We did two very strong Weird Medicine shows for SiriusXM and then we did this thing.

Tonight’s topics:

1) medical marijuana

2) Brian from the Radio Freaks with his ridiculous guest list

3) electronic cigarettes

4) hemorrhoids after weight loss

5) assplay

6) fish oil and smelly nether regions

7) asthma inhalers: bane or blessing?

And some other shenanigans. Don’t miss us on Stitcher. The best app in the world for talk radio and podcasts.

Don’t forget to buy the Weird Medicine Bristol Stool Scale Mug at cafepress.com!  Here’s what it looks like:

Dr Steve Bristol Stool Scale Mug

Makes a great "white elephant" gift!

See you next week!


your pal,


Dr Steve


PS: we’re ready to start accepting ads for the podcast;  we get about 10K downloads for each show, so if you are interested in advertising and are not afraid of our content, write me at weirdmedicinexm@gmail.com and we”ll talk!

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