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Weird Medicine Addendum Sept 24: Post Beer Fest Edition

Well, we made the mistake of going to a Beer Fest and carried the party to the house afterward.  Then someone said “hey!  Let’s do a show!”  See if you can tell whether some people (certainly not me) were impaired during the taping of this podcast.

Tonight’s topics:

1) Supraluminal Neutrinos
2) Breast Reduction Surgery
3) The connection between your belly button and your genitals
4) The causes of dry mouth
5) A guy bleeding from both ends
6) e cigarettes and smoking cessation
7) Weird Chantix Dreams

and a bunch of other malarkey.

We were featured in the Stitcher.com weekly newsletter this week and this is the best we could do?  Doomed.

Don’t forget to check us out on your smart phone on Stitcher (the greatest talk radio app ever) and iTunes (a close second).  Also, don’t miss the Dr Steve BRISTOL STOOL SCALE MUG at Cafepress!  It’s a “hoot” I tell ya!

Rate your feces while drinking your morning joe! Fun for the whole family!


Don’t forget the Weird Medicine Store, for all the crap we talk about on the show, including Citrucel, the fiber supplement of the stars!

your pal,


Dr Steve

Weird Medicine Addendum with Doctor Steve

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