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Weird Medicine Addendum July 30 2011

This is the first WM Addendum that we’ve done in over a year and it really, really showed. New things: live internet audience on Ustream (go to our homepage for more information) which was a LOT of fun. This was a straight-to-podcast 30 minute show and when we got done people were weirdly clamoring for more (as if what we did here wasn’t bad enough) so we did another 30 minutes taking live calls via Skype. That show will post just after this one.

For potential advertisers: This show is not indicative of the quality we will eventually expect from the podcast. We’re pretty good at putting together a radio show for broadcast, but this internet thing is a whole ‘nother beast. It’ll come together soon though, and I’ll quit trying to lower expectations soon.

Double Vasectomy Todd’s new job will be to keep track of topics as we talk about them so I can post them here. Working on that too.

Your pal,


Weird Medicine Addendum with Doctor Steve

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