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Please Help Big A!

Big A is one of our best friends on the show;  he does a lot of stuff for us behind the scenes and is a beloved regular of the Opie and Anthony and Ron and Fez shows.  As you know, Big A hasn’t exactly placed his health in a position of high priority in recent years.  He has severe sleep apnea and would just “forget” to wear his mask, and his diet was so bad he eventually got up to somewhere in the neigborhood of 430 pounds.

Recently he got a health scare and spent some time in the hospital.  The fear, coupled with overwhelming well-wishes from 202/197 listeners and staff produced a life-changing event in Big A’s life.  He is now a total health nut and has lost nearly 100 pounds on his way to his goal weight of 235 lbs.

All this would be wonderful, except recently Big A was found to be anemic.   This could be caused by a number of things, but it can’t be ignored.   The workup will include upper endoscopy, lower endoscopy, and a ton of blood work.   Unfortunately for Big A, his insurance only covers stuff that happens in the hospital, and covers nothing that is done as an outpatient.

Big A has a full-time job, and he works hard driving a Taxi, but he does not have the kind of money that is required to complete a multi-thousand-dollar workup.   To make matters worse, he is helping to take care of a sick family member pretty much full-time and really can’t get a second job.   A classic case of a guy who works hard, does all the right things, and still can’t afford the healthcare he needs.

We previously raised some money for Big A and it went to good use;  bloodwork, a stroboscopic laryngoscopy, and some doctor visits.  We also arranged to get him a sleep study and a cpap mask (which he is now using!)   I think it’s a good time to raise some money again to help defray the cost of Big A’s medical bills.

If you’d like to donate $1 or $1000, click the button below.   Every penny will go to Big A’s medical expenses.

Thanks again, 202/197 listeners are the best.

your pal,


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