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February Valentine’s Special

The February 12th Weird Medicine will be a special show for Valentine’s Day.  Replacing PA John, Chest Pain Rob, Jefferson the Lawyer and Double Vasectomy Todd will be a panel of beauties including “Triple H (She’s High, Hot, and a Hellovalot!),  PA Jill (from WM Live III and the WM Addendums (Addendae? ugh)), hot Doctor Ashley, and perhaps a surprise guest.   The hook is that they will be answering questions for guys about women in general that guys want to ask women but never get to because of the crappy communication we have between the sexes.   Questions like “how come you guys won’t let us play with your boobs whenever we want?” and “why don’t you like <insert disgusting act here>?”   Although the boys will be in the studio audience grilling the ladies, we need your input, too!   So pick up the phone and call 347 POO HEAD (347 766 4323) or 423 DIE TUTI (423 343 8884) and ask a question!  If we like it, we’ll use it on the air.  Just preface your question thusly: “This question is for the panel of <insert awful euphemism for women here>…”    BE FUNNY!  Or at least be interesting.   Just being grotesque or evil will work maybe for the first question or two, but it’ll get old fast.

I’m still working on my debriefing of the Oct 16th show.  It’s taking longer than I thought;  it was an emotionally difficult show, and writing it up is proving to be similarly difficult.

Don’t forget to check out the Weird Medicine store at CafePress.   New for this season is this Bristol Stool Scale Mug:

Check out your stool with your morning cup of coffee! The Weird Medicine Bristol Stool Scale mug makes a great holiday gift!

Your pal,

Dr Steve

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