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New Weird Medicine Shows: 4-10-10 and 4-17-10

Do I need to post pics of the kid with 20 toes?  I’ve thought about making this site a bit more interesting by posting actual “Weird” medicine stories.  Then I think about how much work that would take and I get lazy.  Let me know what you think.   Silicone penis guy would definitely make the cut, as would maggots-between-scalp-and-skull guy.   Do we really need another Ripley’s Believe it or Puke?   I’ll do it if you think it’s necessary.

Here’s the newest Weird Medicine Addendum;  we kind of got carried away.   A 10 minute podcast that’s 21 minutes long?  Insane!  We finally figured out that featuring materal on the addendum that’s going to be on the regular show is a mistake.  everyone gets confused and looks around the room going “didn’t we cover this already?”  YES!  FIVE MINUTES AGO WHEN WE RECORDED THE PODCAST, YOU DOLTS!  But anyway, that’s just how it is.  The reactions to things are much more spontaneous on the addendum than the second time I bring it up on the “real” show.

So from now on, the addendum will be TOTALLY new material, not heard or rehashed on the air.   Stay tuned.

We may be doing a live show April 24th from Nashville.  More on this as it develops.

As always, don’t forget the Weird Medicine merchandise store, or the Weird Medicine Drug Store (link at http://www.doctorsteve.com).

Check your stupid nuts for lumps, quit smoking, get off your asses and get some exercise and we’ll see you soon for the next edition of ‘Weird Medicine”!

your pal,

Dr Steve

PS: the “Weird Medicine Addendum” is always posted in CD Quality sound, rather than that crappy 64kbps MP3 audio some people use. 🙂

Weird Medicine Addendum with Doctor Steve

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