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A Triumph of Engineering (Also, New Weird Medicine Episodes)

My friend Brent sent me this video and it just blew me away;  sorry if you’ve all seen it 1000 times and I’m way behind, it’s still way cool.  Even if you hate the music, you have to appreciate the genius.   There are a few camera tricks here, but it’s still an amazing achievement in gonzo engineering.

You’ll note there’s no “Weird Medicine Addendum” this cycle;  it was just so bad that I erased it.  Totally my fault;  apparently I just needed 15 minutes to warm up.   It was as if someone dropped a log on the carpet, and the log made a radio show.  And then just sat there and stunk until someone cleaned it up.   Anyway, I won’t just throw crap at our listeners, so that one is on the trash heap.

We do have brand new “Weird Medicine Shows” airing now, so don’t miss them.   Due to a lot of factors (wives, kids, jobs, travel distance, and no money) we’re recording every 3 to 4 weeks or so, two shows at a time.   It’s pretty easy to see there are more slots than content, which is why we’ve had some repeat shows on the weekends.  The bad news is that the factors keeping us from recording weekly shows aren’t going to change anytime soon;  the good news is that we have a plan for making Midnight on Saturdays and Sundays a no rerun zone. This means, of course, that we’ll be partnering with some other shows to bring you fresh content alternating with Weird Medicine.   It’s an experiment, but I think it’s one you will really enjoy.  Stay tuned on this one.

Don’t forget our Weird Medicine merchandise! The “I heart rimjobs” doggie shirt is <opie>”just adorable” </opie>.

See you soon, for the next edition of Weird Medicine!  Until then, “check your stupid nuts for lumps, quit smoking, and get off your asses and get some exercise.”

your pal,

Dr Steve

Weird Medicine Addendum with Doctor Steve

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