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Weird Medicine Addendum 1-5-10

Here it is, the first of the “new age” of Weird Medicine Addendum(s)…should it be Addenda?  Or addendae?  Ugh, I hate Greek, or Latin or whatever that is.  Well, I only hate it because I don’t fully grasp it, so as usual I’m being an ass.   Anyway, since we’re now BARRED from putting show audio up on our website (though others do it freely, feel free to seek them out through Google) thanks to our contract that pays us nothing for the privilege, we’re going to do this extra content for our loyal website followers.  Just a brief, 10 minute or so podcast with some extra stuff you won’t hear on the “real” show, and some stuff we do twice just to get it right for air.   This is just our first try, so look forward to some behind the scenes stuff, inside information, and some phone calls that don’t make it to the SiriusXM show.   A true “addendum”.

Don’t forget you can get Weird Medicine crap from CafePress.com!

Look for new Weird Medicine shows starting January 9th…perhaps the next new show will be the 16th or the 23rd; that’s up to Erock.

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Weird Medicine Addendum with Doctor Steve

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