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New Weird Medicine Shows!

We’re back from vacation and will start recording new Weird Medicine shows on Jan 7th, for play in the following weekends.   Currently we’re Live one week, prerecorded the next.  We are working to have the Midnight Eastern slot filled with new content every week.   There may be a surprise for everyone coming soon, if we can work it all out.  More on this later.   If Sirius could even get us ONE live read so that we could show our wives that there is SOMETHING coming in now that we’re going on our third year, we could probably do 50 new shows a year (weekly, with no reruns except during the winter holiday season) with no problems whatsoever.   We now have hundreds of unanswered voicemails and we’re committed to answering each and every one of them eventually.  We really have enough content to do an hour a day like Dean Edell used to do;  it really ain’t about the money, but it’s hard to get 4-5 guys together to make a daily commitment to something with no return other than the fun of doing it.  We’re like a garage band, and our wives are wondering why we’re spending so much time practicing and never getting paid for any gigs. 🙂

We got a portable Tascam broadcast quality recorder in the Weird Medicine stocking this year…we’ll be doing some remote work this year that should add a whole new dimension to our show.  Stay tuned!

If all you got was crap for the holidays, go buy yerself something nice at the Weird Medicine Memorabilia store.  I bought Tacie one of the black women’s tee shirts with the Weird Medicine poster on it for a stocking stuffer and I was amazed at the quality.  It fits well, shows off her lovely hootage, and the fabric is fantastic.   Before, I just made fun of our cafepress site, but this discovery turned me around.

And don’t forget the Weird Medicine Drug Store where you can buy crap to fix your smelly B.O. and annihilate your awful nosehairs and stuff.   You can access the store through the link on the front page of DoctorSteve.com.

My friend “The Bishop” is a tee vee producer who wants to make a documentary about Ben Pearson, one of the most prominent archers of all time.  If you don’t appreciate archery, I suggest you google Byron Ferguson right now and see what a true virtuoso can do.   If that gets you going, then feel free to donate to the project by clicking the link below:


We’ll be posting exclusive audio content to this website when we record new Weird Medicine episodes.  We may be barred from posting show audio, but no one said we can’t make audio for our friends that isn’t aired on XM202…this will be 10-15 minute “mini weird medicine” shows for internet only.  Stay tuned.

Hope your 2010 will be better than my 2009 was.

your pal,

Dr Steve

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