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Trucker Health Update

See? I’m trying to put some content on this awful website now that we’re NOT ALLOWED TO POST OUR OWN SHOW anymore. Don’t forget the November 7th LIVE “Weird Medicine”, 9pm-MN Eastern on XM202, Sirius 197.

If you listened to our last show (if you didn’t, I’m sure if you look (bit torrent) around, you may be able to find it somewhere (bit torrent)), you heard the piece we did on Trucker Health.   We got a ton of response to this and the best came from Brett and Joy, who are a husband and wife driver team.   I’m lazy, so I’ll just print their response in its entirety:

Health Trucking Tips:

No Soda Pop
No Candy
No Chips
No Donuts
No Energy Drinks
No Dairy Products
No Sugar (that includes artificial)
No lunchmeat

What I eat on the road.

Water with Lemon or Lime
Cliff Bar
No sugar added Apple Sauce and Apple Juice.
1 Banana
1 orange
3 prunes

Water with Lemon or Lime
Unsalted nuts and berry mix (watch sugar and salt levels)
Broccoli, Carrots, Snow peas, Bell Peppers, Cauliflower dipped in Humus (can get precut in steamable bags in produce section)

Fresh fruit cut up into single bite pieces
Peanut butter and apple slices
Triscuit crackers (low sodium)
Walnuts (raw)

Water with Lemon or Lime
Black or garbanzo bean and wild grain rice wrap with fresh salsa and baby leaf spinach (check sodium level on cans there is an organic version with less sodium)
Sliced seasoned chicken breast and brown rice
Veggie wrap

All truck stops let you have free ice. I drink 3, 64 ounce cups of water a day. When you are pulling into the fuel island and don’t need fuel. Park in the very back of the lot and walk in to do your shopping. Almost all of the major truck stops have bananas and fresh fruit. During your 10 hour rest, park in the back and walk around the property 4 times before you shower. Work out with rubber band for great resistance training. Once a week hit the all you can eat soup and salad bar, go easy on the dressing. Prep all your food at home and save a ton of money and lose a ton of weight. Almost all Walmarts allow truck parking as well as have the grocery side to them. You can stock up on fresh produce once a week.

I have been doing this since I started driving 3 years ago, and my weight is 160 lbs

Love the show!

Brett & Joy
Professional Team Drivers

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