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New Show Saturday and Sunday Night 11:59pm Sept 19, 20

We did a new show for this weekend; after doing the 3 hour turdtacular you’d think doing an hour would be a breeze. However, I just had my flu shot and my damn allergies are killing me and Jefferson has Whooping Cough (I kid you not) and I was just totally out of sorts. Matter of fact, don’t even listen to it, I’m sure it’s that bad.

Next time, though, NOTHING but voicemails; we have a million of ’em to cover and I promise it’ll be a better show.

I got a tweet from a very nice listener who told me the RSS feed only showed the Montel Audio and not the 3 hour show audio, so I’m reposting it here. I really need to take 30 minutes and edit out the commercials and stuff. I may get to that this weekend.

Preview of this week’s show: only 1 feces question! Hermaphrodites in athletics, Cellphone Brain Cancer Scares, Boxers drinking their own urine, nonspecific urethritis, and Barry the Blade explains the “Trucker Juice Can”

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