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New Weird Medicine Shows on XM202 Sirius 197!

We got the call from Erock: “When the boys are out of town, we want you to do two new shows for the Midnight Saturday and Sunday night slots.”   We need practice for the upcoming October LIVE show, too, so we did a two hour “voicemail only” extravaganza.   I put out a call for voicemail questions a couple of weeks ago, and we got enough for 4 shows at least.   We answered them in pretty random order, simulating a live show and I think it really worked, especially the second one (on the 22nd, 23rd). 

So give us a listen at 11:59 Eastern on  XM202, Sirius 197:

  • Saturday August 15
  • Sunday August 16
  • Saturday August 22
  • Sunday August 23

I think we’re going to stick with this format for awhile;  call in your medical (or science) questions to 423 343 8884 (423 DIE TUTI) and we’ll get them on the air as soon as we can!

This week’s topics:

  • Fear of flying
  • Changing the taste of ejaculate
  • Bedbug intercourse (they’re DISGUSTING)
  • Billy Mays’ toxicology report
  • condoms and erectile dysfunction
  • and a bunch of other fascinating stuff!

On the  August 22, 23 show, listen as 4 grown men halt a national radio show in its tracks as they try to deduce which one is lying about passing flatus in the studio.  (It’s a guy thing).


your pal,


Doctor Steve

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