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Weird Medicine Merchandise!

Look, don’t worry about it, really, don’t.   If you don’t want any of this crap, don’t feel obligated or that our feelings will be hurt.   We got a really cool logo from Matt Hoffman (Fluffernutter, from RonFez.Net fame) and wanted to splash it everywhere.   It’s on my twitter, will be on here soon, and is now featured on Tee Shirts, Mugs, and all kinds of other cruddy merch at CafePress.

You can also visit the Weird Medicine Store, where we’re compiling an e-store of the stuff we mention on the show that you can buy over the counter.  It has sections like “Your Horrid Bowels” and “Your Awful Stomach” with all kinds of proven remedies you can buy right there and have delivered to your door.

If I can think of any other ways we can whore ourselves out, I’ll let you know.   I do promise this: every penny we ever make (and again, I don’t expect to make any, so it’s ok (what a great salesman I am)) will go to producing LIVE Weird Medicine shows and other worthy causes.

your pal,


PS: we’ll be on two weekends in a row when the boys are on vacation.  I’ll post the dates in the “On Air” box as soon as I know them.   These shows will be “all voicemail” shows, so don’t forget to call 423 DIE TUTI before Wednesday August 12th!

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