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June 20, 2009 Weird Medicine

Ok, so we got shuffled again, this time to the 12MN EDST slot, whenever SPECIAL DELIVERY isn’t on (take a break once a month willya guys?)

This show discusses the “Private Parts Reclamation Project” by Double Vasectomy Todd, who is training under MJ Kovaleski from MuscleSorority.com.  After barely 3 weeks, he’s lost 18 lbs, 4 inches around his waist, and more importantly, 3/4 of an inch of reclaimed male membership (if you catch my drift).

You can follow Todd’s progress on his twitter feed: DBLVASTODD

You can follow our show twitter feed at WEIRDMEDICINE.   Please follow us, we want to beat Sam and Dave in the followers department.  🙂

Show topics: A humorous outtake surprise, erotic asphyxiation, gender reassignment female to male, cockring safety, tobacco related mouth lesions (BAD!) and a few other gems.   I’m getting off my Cymbalta…I think it’s making me dull.   We’ll see over the next few months if there’s any noticeable change.

your pal,


PS: here’s a picture of MJ Kovaleski…she obviously knows her stuff when it comes to bodybuilding and nutrition!

MJ Kovaleski, Official Weird Medicine Trainer

MJ Kovaleski, Official Weird Medicine Trainer

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