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Help Big A and Pat from Moonachie

We mentioned on the show that we’d be creating a paypal account to help Big A and Pat from Moonachie with their medical bills.   Big A has bad sleep apnea and needs routine medical care as well.   Pat hasn’t had his diabetes medications in over a year.

The more I hear stories like this, the more I’m inclined to push for Universal Health Care in this country.   But we can argue that later…for now, let’s just help the boys get healthy!

If you’d like to donate, click the button below.   No donation is too meager, or too lofty.  100% of the funds collected will go to Pat and Andrew.  None of this is tax deductable, sorry.   You’ll get a pat on the back (nyuk! nyuk!)   and a warm fuzzy feeling (that’s Andrew’s breath on your neck as he sneaks up behind you…) and that’s it.   You’ll be helping two friends of the channel though.   I thank you in advance.

your pal,


PS: Special thanks to Jon Gray at the Sleep Care Center.   Big A’s insurance covered the sleep study, but Jon set it all up.  He has a band, and since no one received any compensation for this plug, we can at least plug his website Case of the Mondays!

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